An Embroidery Lesson

A couple of weeks ago I enjoyed a lovely visit to a village north of Bhuj and was given a brief lesson in the type of couching embroidery these women do so well. It was a privelege to be welcomed into this village with the genuine hospitality that survives when visits from travellers are carefully managed.

  • The reverse

wedding veil

A Kutchi blockprint artist travelling with us was delighted to find that one of the village elders possessed some cotton bandhani pieces executed long ago by his grandfather.

One thought on “An Embroidery Lesson

  1. By searching on the iternet I found your web-log.I,m as fascinated by tribal textiles as you are.I visited almost the same countries an last february I was in Kutch for the second time.I think the lady on the photo is the same lady i met for a week in Kutch.She was german.
    Just like you I,ve a collection of textiles from all the countries I visited.It,s very nice to meet a fellowcollector.I will follow you further on this web-log.
    Best wishes,
    Thera Tegel

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