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Somaiya Kala Vidya: Somaiya Kala Vidya offers design and business education to working traditional artisans of Kutch.

Tribal Textiles:  Pamela Cross’ site includes a great page of links, bibliography, and photo galleries of people of SW China and SE Asia in traditional costume

Marla Mallett:  Extensive list of links to textile-related sites

The Textile Museum in Washington DC: Summary of embroidery styles of Kutch Searchable database of ethnic Kutchi textiles is at

Traditional Arts & Ethnology Centre, Luang Prabang: (and see their links page)

Virtual Hilltribe Museum:

Oxford Asian Textile Group links page:

Sevantilal Patolawalla & Sons, Patan:

MAIWA Handprints, Vancouver:

World Shibori Network:

The Textile Museum and the Royal Textile Academy of Bhutan: An Introduction to the Textile Arts: Kingdom of Bhutan 2008(DVD)

Diana K Myers and Susan S Bean (ed). From the Land of the Thunder Dragon: Textile Arts of Bhutan. Serindia/Peabody Essex Museum, India 1994

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David K Barker. Designs of Bhutan. White Lotus 1985 Now available online, along with volume 2 and part 1 of volume 3 at

Betty Linn Davenport. Supplementary Weft Techniques from Bhutan. Handwoven, May/June 1994. Discusses yathra techniques & offers projects to weave.

Judy Frater. Threads of Identity: Embroidery and Adornment of the Nomadic Rabaris. India 1995, 2003

MAIWA & Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan. Through the Eye of a Needle: Stories from an Indian Desert. Maiwa Handprints, Vancouver 2003

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Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing. Ajrakh: Patterns & Borders. New Delhi, 2007

54 Ethnic Groups in Vietnam. VNA Publishing House 2008

Ann Hecht. The Art of the Loom. British Museum Publications 1989. Has a chapter on Nepalese dhaka cloth

Patricia Cheeseman. Lao-Tai Textiles: The Textiles of Xam Nuea and Muang Phuan

Viengkham Nanthavongdouangsy. Sinh and Lao Women

James Thompson Foundation. Tied Together: Khmer Lao and Thai Mudmee Textiles

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