Khoma: Kushutara

I had the great joy of spending 5 days in the village of Khoma in Lhuentse, Eastern Bhutan, the area famed for weaving kushutara.

Ama Karma taught me more about warping and weaving techniques, and I spent hours watching expert weavers on verandahs and in purpose-built open-air (therefore well-lit) lofts equipped with several looms that lent themselves to socialising while working.

Weaving is so integral to daily life here, that a few loom frames are built into a verandah when each home is constructed.

Very traditional kushutara colours and motifs

Norbu Lhaden draped with a piece she designed

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  1. Hi Wendy,
    What an inspiration you are! Not only living and learning among these talented people, but sharing the beauty of their creations. I love the colours and designs of these fabrics, and your photos are brilliant. Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse. Love Alison McD.

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