Aikapur Technique: Supplementary Weft

In this close-up, you can see how the supplementary weft threads in this type of pattern (on the green ground in this gho) are taken all the way to the rainbow stripes, and the point where they reverse direction is hidden there. This contrasts with sapma designs used in kushutara, where the supplementary weft threads are reversed at the edge of the motif, and the resulting dots are often an integral part of the pattern.

These motifs are also woven using a pickup stick, but without grouping the warp threads in pairs first as is done in sapma designs.

The “legs” on the yellow and red supplementary warp stripe can be seen here: the gho to the left has 9 legs.

Here are some photos of the weaving process, showing the pickup technique, and the multiple bamboo sticks holding the supplementary warp rows of the pattern:

For more photos and a video of the aikapur supplementary warp being woven, see Aikapur Technique: Supplementary Warp

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