Can Cau: Flowery Hmong

The Can Cau market is held every Saturday in a rural setting on a hillside. To my untrained Western eyes, the women all seemed to be wearing identical outfits, and shopping for more of the same. But there was endless discussion about the pieces on sale, and each woman was consulting a group of at least four others about her anticipated purchase, so I’m sure there are subtle differences in design, execution and quality.

These skirts had printed designs

Those stripes are not printed. Find out how they are created at Flowery Hmong Techniques
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  1. I am so enjoying your news of your eastern travels. I would love to visit the women of Hmong and in particular this fabulous market held on saturday up in the hills. How would I be able to arrange to go visit this place if I was to take a trip to this country? I would be coming from the uk and would hate to arrive in this beautiful country only to find the week I am there, it’s a Saturday which doesn’t hold this magical market!!

    • Hi Dawn, as far as I know the Can Cau market is held every Saturday. There was a good website set up by one of the guesthouse owners who is also a small tour operator out of Bac Ha, where I picked up some of this information: They may be able to alert you to any unusual weeks. Or post a query on Lonely Planet’s Thorntree online forum – specific advice is often forthcoming there.

      • I should also mention that it is possible to take the overnight train from Hanoi to Lao Cai (arriving 5.45am), then an early morning bus directly to Can Cau. The local bus I was on took 3 hours to Bac Ha, stopped for a few minutes there, and continued another hour to Can Cau, so we were there in plenty of time to have some noodles for breakfast and then look around. Then we caught a bus back to Bac Ha and stayed overnight to be there early in the morning for the Bac Ha Sunday market.

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