Ajarakh Technique

Here are the steps for the longer (16-day), traditional printing and dyeing process for Ajarakh production. 

The blocks themselves are beautiful. See more here

Wash in camel dung, soda ash & castor oil

Dye pale yellow with myrobalan (nuts)

Print with resist of gum arabic & lime

Print black with iron, jaggery & salt

Print mordant for red dyes: alum & clay

Dye in indigo, twice

Wash in running water

Dye red with alazarin

OR dye red with madder

OR dye red with henna

OR dye red with rhubarb root

Print with resist of gum arabic & clay, alum mordant

Dye indigo


Boil in alazarin

OR madder

Print with resist of gum arabic & lime

Dye yellow in pomegranate & turmeric to turn blue to green


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