Zoucheng: Zha-ran Butterfly Technique

21 Dec Dali - 179Among pieces of tie-dye I had purchased in Arimatsu in Japan, were some pieces of indigo-dyed heavy cotton. I was fascinated with the small butterfly stitch-resist patterns, but despite scouring books on shibori techniques, I failed to find out how to create them myself. Continue reading

Bhutan: Royal Textile Academy Fashion Show

RTA fashion parade

Recently I enjoyed browsing through the sumptuous kushutara brocades paraded down the catwalk at the Window to Woven Dreams fashion show held at the opening of the new Royal Textile Academy of Bhutan. Continue reading

Kathmandu: Bhutanese-style weaving

I was intrigued to find Bhutanese yathra-style jackets for sale in Kathmandu.  Enquiring of the shopkeeper, I was told that they are woven further out in the Kathmandu valley by ethnic Nepalis, not Bhutanese immigrants.
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