New Thrima Exhibition at RTA in Thimphu, Bhutan

What a wonderful time to be visiting Bhutan! I love the thrima technique and will be there in December to see this new exhibition.  Continue reading

Textile Tour of Bhutan March 2016: (some of) what we got up to!

IMG_1121The Textile Traditions of Bhutan tour 2016 has come to an end in Bhutan, but the memories and insights continue to be processed as guests return home. I am hearing from some that they are now reluctant to wash textiles purchased from nomads as their smell of wood smoke evokes Bhutan so strongly. Here is a little of what we got up to… Continue reading

Kathmandu: Bhutanese-style weaving

I was intrigued to find Bhutanese yathra-style jackets for sale in Kathmandu.  Enquiring of the shopkeeper, I was told that they are woven further out in the Kathmandu valley by ethnic Nepalis, not Bhutanese immigrants.
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