Textile Tour of Bhutan 2019: some of our experiences

Textile Trails’ 2019 tour of Bhutan was scheduled to coincide with three festivals and to give even greater opportunities for immersion and hands-on learning.

As ever, we were warmly welcomed by our Bhutanese hosts across the country.

We took in stunning Himalayan vistas

Including from the back of a 4WD for adventurers who couldn’t get enough of the fresh air and vast horizons!

A focus of these tours is hands-on opportunities to learn Bhutanese textile techniques from local artisans

As well as participate in the “travelling workshop” that I provide as part of the tour

There were many opportunities for demonstrations in local homes

And to explore the many arts & crafts practised in Bhutan

We learned about local customs and culture

Admired traditional architecture and decoration

And enjoyed eating outdoors

It was wonderful to travel with other textile lovers

and to shop where the locals shop and buy directly from artisans

We stretched our legs

More on some days than on others!

We hadd ample opportunities to interact with locals

as well as to simply observe them do their thing

Attending festivals with locals wearing their best outfits and seeing the sumptuous textiles in use will always be a highlight of these tours

Those with a special interest in embroidery and applique were treated to opportunities to examine master-works and everyday pieces on all scales, from shoulder-cloths to detailed thangkas to enormous thondrols

Bhutanese weavings never fail to impress with their incredible fine detail and endless creative combinations of colours and motifs

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