Textile Tour of Bhutan 2018: some of our adventures

IMG_6352I closed out 2018 sharing the textile & culture of Bhutan with a wonderful group of travellers who joined me on Textile Trail’s tour.

These tours cater for those who are seeking hands-on experiences with Bhutanese textiles, and this group took on every opportunity.

Of course we included the major sights, both man-made…

P1390793 (1)P1390689 (1)P1390568 (1)P1390294P1380976 (1)P1380948 (1)IMG_6326IMG_6325

…and natural.

IMG_6152IMG_6202P1390246 (1)P1390577 (1)

We travelled remote roads,

hung prayer flags & ate our packed lunch on a snowy pass,

and enjoyed unique architecture & decorations.

We joined locals at a festival,


stayed in a village,

and knew we were exactly where we wanted to be when we woke to peer out of our bedroom windows to see this:

We danced & dressed up,

walked in the rain to visit renowned weavers,

IMG_6170 (1)

and enjoyed a hot stone bath.

We sampled Bhutanese food and interacted with locals,

especially anyone with their hands on yarn or textiles!

And oh, the fabrics! Embroidered, appliqued, woven…

IMG_6365IMG_9618P1370206P1370232P1370522P1370628P1370641P1370822P1380047P1380051P1380109P1380356P1380369P1380900 (1)P1380988P1390072P1390494 (1)P1390512P1390517 (1)P1390522 (1)P1390666 (1)

P1390392P1390589 (1)P1380909P1390751P1390748 (1)P1390737 (2)P1390582 (1)P1380907P1380900 (3)P1380874P1380069P1370888P1370879P1370876P1370861P1380900 (2)P1370855P1370838P1370831P1370829P1370754P1370748P1370736P1370726P1370715P1370712P1370706IMG_6339IMG_6185 (1)

It was fun to lay out all our purchases on our final night together and admire each others’ collections, having learned so much about how they are made, the symbolism and functions.

P1390755 (1).jpg

One of the delights of travelling with fibre enthusiasts was the exchange of knowledge and ideas. And the pleasure of passing time together creating with our hands. This group was unstoppable: weaving & knitting as we drove and in our spare time.

We enjoyed one luxurious afternoon off and quite naturally passed it with tea & yarn by the fire.

P1390201 (1)

Even the evening power cut couldn’t stop us!


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