Bhutan: Royal Textile Academy Fashion Show

RTA fashion parade

Recently I enjoyed browsing through the sumptuous kushutara brocades paraded down the catwalk at the Window to Woven Dreams fashion show held at the opening of the new Royal Textile Academy of Bhutan.

It was interesting to see the small changes in fashion in men’s ghos, as well as noting an increase in the number of shinglochem aikapur kiras such as this one:

RTA fashion show shinglochem kira

Perhaps shinglochem for women experienced a surge in popularity after the Queen wore one for the wedding ceremony in 2011?

It was interesting to compare those from the RTA fashion show with the one woven for the Royal Wedding.

I noticed that none of the fashion show shinglochem included the lovely jedrima (rainbow) stripes from the wedding kira and wonder whether there is any significance to this.

However, I still love the kushutara kiras, and my favourite is the one with the deep blue ground and jewel colours:

RTA fashion parade kira 6

Which one captures your attention?

RTA fashion show thumbs

1 thought on “Bhutan: Royal Textile Academy Fashion Show

  1. I wish I could get close enough to see the intricacies of the patterns and feel the cloth! That one with the blue background and jewel tones is lovely!

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