Videos of Kushutara weaving

I have recently enjoyed a rather clear video of kushutara weaving posted on YouTube:

It’s nice to see a close-up video of a weaver working relatively slowly.

The first two pieces show the sapma technique. The 3rd is aikapur supplementary warp. The 4th is more sapma, with excellent close-up shots. The 5th is difficult to see, but from the movements I would say it is vertical thrima (the one that looks like cross stitch) being worked between strips of supplementary warp patterning. The final segment appears to be diagonal single-direction thrima.

Previously, the only clear video I could find was this one by CuriousWeaver, but it has been rather pixellated the last couple of times I have loaded it. Here’s the link – perhaps it will load well for you:

Diagrams & explanations of these kushu techniques can be found at Sapma Technique and Thrima Technique

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