Jetsun Pema’s kira looks familiar…

 Looking at this photo in Yeewong magazine of Bhutan’s royal couple meeting with the Indian PM, Jetsun Pema’s kira seemed very familiar.

Sure enough, it had been shown to me by in Goenpaka, when I had been stunned by the workmanship and glow of the gold threads in the dim room and warmed by the proud smile of the weaver who had spent months creating it:

One aspect of kushutara designs that I enjoy is the variety in the effects the patterns give when viewed from different distances.

Up close, there is the incredible detail and workmanship in the weft twining, and the dance of juxtaposed colours.

A little further back there is a different impression of the combined colours.

And further away, some of the straight lines in the motifs start to appear as curves and the colours merge even more.

Just gorgeous.

See more of the fine kushutara woven by the women of Goenpaka at Goenpaka: Kushutara

2 thoughts on “Jetsun Pema’s kira looks familiar…

  1. Wow,this is great workmanship and those colours are amazing!Thanks for showing us….
    Best regards,Thera

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