Phnom Penh: Hol shops


I purchased my first piece of 2/1 twill ikat in Chiang Mai in 2001, and as well as loving the soft pattern edges created by tying and dyeing the yarns before weaving, I was transfixed by the way the weave structure affects the colours as the fabric moves.

Ever since I found out that this kind of cloth is a specialty of Cambodian weavers, who call it hol, I had hankered to visit Cambodia and see its production for myself.

In 2012 I finally made it to Cambodia, and you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this pair of hol shops in Phnom Penh.


IMG_5887 IMG_5890 IMG_5884


Stay tuned for details of my visits to Cambodian villages specialising in the production of these gorgeous jewelled fabrics.

See the hol weavers I visited in Phnom Chisor

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