Vientiane: Phaeng Mai Gallery


I saw this impressive piece covered in sihos (mythical lion-elephant creatures) pregnant with double-headed nagas (protective river serpents) and carrying their young and a frogman (or perhaps an ancestor spirit) on their backs at Phaeng Mai Gallery in Vientiane. I am not an expert on symbolism, but the abundance of protective and fertile creatures here suggests it might be a wedding blanket.

Phaeng Mai has a large workshop housing many weavers, and a lovely gallery of ethnic dresses and intricate pieces.

IMG_5695IMG_5694In the workshop, it was possible to view most stages of their processes, from dyeing and reeling, through warping, weaving and tailoring. IMG_5686 IMG_5666

IMG_5615 PM

IMG_5605 Here’s a detail from another wedding blanket in the gallery:IMG_5701

Phaeng Mai’s shop was stocked with high quality weaving:


To see the warping and weaving process, visit posts on Chok & Kit and Warping a Lao-Tai Loom

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  1. Hello Wendy !

    It looks great stuff ! I’m going to Vientiane next july. Do you have the address of this shop ?
    Best regards

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