Rabari Embroidery

The women of Kutch are famed for their mastery of intricate mirrored embroidery.

Uniquely among Kutch craft organisations, Kala Raksha has a museum of heirloom work that local artisans both helped to develop and are able to access in the village of Sumrasar.

These photos are of some of the ethnic Rabari work from Kala Raksha’s collection. The entire collection can be viewed online at www.kala-raksha-museum.org

Images courtesy of the Kala Raksah Museum

Kala Raksha is also unique in it’s commitment to products designed by the artisans themselves, and established a design school for artisans. The year-long course culminates in a fashion show showcasing graduates’ work.

For more Kutchi clothing, visit Kutchi Tribal Dress and Rabari Dress.

Take a look at my photos of the Sumrasar complex on my Kala Raksha post.

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